A woman can suffer serious consequences from excessive sugar intake. Uncontrolled blood sugar in a woman can cause everything from vaginal infections to polycystic ovary syndrome to sexual apathy.

If you have not checked your blood sugar for some time, now is the time to do so, but keep in mind that you do not need to have diabetes to keep track of your glucose. Women’s health is intimately linked to the level of glucose in their blood. It has even been proven that their concentration tends to vary a little during the menstrual cycle.

A week before menstruation, when the amount of estrogen increases, glucose drops and generally causes women to crave sweet foods before and during those days.

How do you know if a woman is consuming more sugar than usual?

 One indication that a woman consumes more sugar than normal is that her progesterone increases and consequently the cells become resistant to insulin and the sugar level may rise suddenly. But it can also happen the other way around – if glucose is disturbed, your hormones will be affected and your health will suffer.

The idea is not to demonize sugar, but rather that over-consumption can cause negative health effects. Too much sucrose inevitably leads to obesity, but it is also associated with general coronary problems.

The recommendation of the World Health Organization is to moderate the consumption of sugar, they indicate that about 50grs of sucrose are tolerable per day and it is advisable to consume a maximum of 25grs, some estimates difficult to meet for men and women in general.

High blood sugar levels are associated with diabetes, hypertension and even tooth decay among many other medical conditions. In the specific case of women, excess sugar can wreak more havoc on their bodies.

woman taking the sugar

Women with a weakness for sweets are more likely to be obese

 It has been statistically proven that women have a greater weakness for sweetness and that female hormones are partly responsible. The increase in hormones, especially in the premenstrual phase, leads ladies to eat more, preferably sweet foods, this due to the drop in blood sugar during this stage.

It is also known that excess glucose often accumulates in the form of fat and especially the female body tends to store it. The average woman accumulates 10% more fat than a man, which makes her more susceptible to obesity, especially in the abdominal area.

Just by accumulating more fat women are more likely to suffer from diabetes. Remember to consult your doctor if you have any doubts about an increase in your blood sugar levels, and we invite you to take out Adeslas’ medical insurance with the widest range of specialists. 

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